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  • Cursed ruins by jac . - twig snaps
  • Japan air commuter , jac
  • Japan air commuter jac
  • The separation and identification of sclerotium rolfsii sacc . causing amorphalluskon jac white rot
  • It directly or indirectly accessories for audi , jac and jmc etc . over30auto factories
  • The vast spread of prices illustration by jac often distracts from a narrowing range of experience
  • It successively introduced such projects as dongfeng honda , jac , skoda of shanghai volkswagen , and dongfeng minicar
  • And also suit for the needing of travel group . the tourist company selected jac 6860 series , one of the main style for jac
    圣保罗最大的客车运营商viacao campo bello拥有30辆沃尔?#20013;?#27454;双铰客车。
  • Way forward was itself a response to the failure of the 2002 recovery plan put in place when bill ford took over as chief executive from jac nasser
  • On january 26 , 2005 , anhui jac coaches company limited jac coaches signed the contract with shanxi overseas tourist auto corporation for 10 top - grade passenger buses
  • Both the in - sample test and jackkm ' fe test shows that this model is robust with relatively high sensitivity , specificity and overall classification accuracy
  • The vehicle adopt hyundai a90 aero town automobile body technology to match jac top - grade passenger bus chassis , select euro ii engine of which environmental protection and oil - economizing
  • The director of this tourist corporation told to the journalist that after several investigations , the company made high appraisal on the jac product s appearance and interior decoration , high cost performance and economical fuel cost
    Autodata公司的marciostefani称,沃尔沃目前在巴西最成功的底盘就是b12m ,可用于多种车型, 26 . 8米双铰接客车是其中的一种。
  • The product of jac 6124 , which named " fuel - efficient king " , is jiang huai company introduced aero queed technology from korea s hyundai company , this style be elected by united nations as official bus , and also the style welcomed in abroad market
    面对成绩,一汽客车底盘厂厂长隋忠剑说: ?#30333;?#19987;业化道路,是一汽客车底盘厂取得今天的业绩的主要原因,也是企业获取?#20013;?#21457;展的必由之路。 ”
  • In 1997 , hefei bus company took part in jac jianghuai auto group company , became its basic place of bus production , including hefei xiandai chief department , yangzhou hongyun , taixxian qiaoxxing , and hefei xinma these four buses basic product places , producing and selling 6 - 12 meter middle and top grade buses , product includes five series , over 60 style , at present it can make 15000 all style buses in one year . it is known that the amount of selling of hefei bus company is increasing gradually . it sold all kinds of 1251 buses in 2000 , the income of it was 2 . 3 hundred millions yuan ; in 2001 , company sold 2100 buses , and the income was about 4 hundred millions ; it sold over 4200 buses in 2002 , the income broke through 10 hundred millions
    同?#20445;?#20197;65家废气排放大户脱硫工作为重点,实施广州市2003 - 2005年控制二氧化硫工作计划,全面推进工业饮食服务业脱硫降氮和节能降耗的工作,使2003年全市二氧化硫排放量控制在21万吨,比2002年削减1万吨,力保二氧化硫浓度年均值达到国家二级标准2004年排放量降到19万吨,比2002年削减3万吨,浓度优于国家二级标准2005年排放量控制在15万吨以下,比2002年削减7万吨,浓度继续优于国家二级标准。
  • Keep the base , extend the boundary . that is to strengthen and consummate the preponderance status of quasi - heavy and fk series products , and up - extend heavy series , and down - nibble the economic products market . what important is to grasp the market spaces of dongfeng model conventional economic truck and jac
  • In 2004 , we established modern - garden enterprise in 56 , 300 - sq . m jac fittings industrial garden , including 13 , 300 - sq . m workshop 1 , 620 - sq . m office building 3 , 710 - sq . m dormitory building 720 - sq . m dining room . our company has abundant human resouce professional technician and modern management team . we ve possessed manufacturing installation maintenance reassembly licence for 50t bridge gantry crane , which has passed iso9001 quality control system authentication
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